Learning Management System

The proven foundation that enables the organization of learning and skills development.

Learning Ecosystem

The holistic foundation that allows seamless integration into your organization.

Learning Experience Platform

The innovative foundation that merges artificial intelligence and e-commerce power.

Mobile Learning App

The mobile foundation that puts collaboration & gamification in the hands of your users.



Monetization & Educational Marketing

Focus on marketing of your own training courses

Optimize your visibility in the training and further education market through open offers and flexible booking processes.




Board Member

You are in control through efficient sales management

The manager role assumes central responsibility for the organization and management of sales and, if necessary, partners and customers.

Sales Manager

Shift responsibilities to sales managers

Outsource sales activities and performance monitoring to sales managers.


Involve customer advisors

Let your customer advisors and supervisors have the opportunity to directly evaluate learning successes and participation.

6 highlights for your educational marketing

Our platform foundation offers a range of functions that you can use to optimize your education marketing. Start with the basic features you need and expand as desired at any time.

Online booking

adaptive booking process for self-directed learning (B2C, B2B, B2E & B2B2E)


Support for online payments using online banking, credit cards, SEPA/ELV, etc.

Memberships &subscriptions

flexible design of ongoing subscriptions including recurring automated payments

Tickets & invoices

automated generation of invoices and freely designable tickets (QR code)

Affiliate system

providing affiliate links to track bookings, revenues and sales

Vouchers & promotions

creation of individual categories, discounts, promo codes & credits

Interested in a free consultation?

Our team will be happy to take the time to guide you through all the functionalities that are relevant to you.

Other essential functions for your educational marketing

Additional services

sell ​​additional services & products (with individual tax rates)

License booking (B2B2E)

allow booking of open licenses that will be assigned subsequently

Waiting lists & cancellation system

automated cancellation, credit and waiting list management 

One-Time Token Access (OTP)

passwordless logins via SMS (e.g. “Blue Collar” target group)

Checkout questions

individual requests for participant data at the time of booking

Personalized search

search results are adapted to customer needs using AI

Find your desired solution in 4 steps

Our experienced team has been supporting customers since 2014 when launching a new platform or converting an outdated solution to our innovative foundation.


1. Consultation


2. Planning


3. Prototype

Go Live

4. Go Live



Free initial consultation & product demo

Arrange an introductory appointment directly and find out more about the wide range of possible applications. Our team will guide you through potential use cases and answer all your questions.



Collect your requirements in a workshop

Together we will work through your requirements and implementation wishes. We record all required functions in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and hand them over to the development team.



Internal beta version & building your learning world

Our support team will help you set up and maintain the content in tutorial sessions. The core functionalities can be tested comprehensively before live operation.

Plattform Launch


Platform launch via your own domain

The platform is made accessible to your target group(s) via your existing or new desired domain. The number of your users can increase flexibly from go-live.

Excerpt from our international customers and partners

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AWS Startup Loft Accelerator
Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung
Austria Wirtschaftsservice
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