Learning Management System

The proven foundation that enables the organization of learning and skills development.

Learning Ecosystem

The holistic foundation that allows seamless integration into your organization.

Learning Experience Platform

The innovative foundation that merges artificial intelligence and e-commerce power.

Mobile Learning App

The mobile foundation that puts collaboration & gamification in the hands of your users.


Start small or go White Label

All-in-one learning platform with e-commerce & AI power


Discover the most innovative features in an “all-in-one” education solution. If necessary, shape the solution into a highly scalable, tailor-made individual platform and find out why other solutions can be a one-way street.

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Basic SLA

  • 250 active users already included
  • unlimited learning opportunities
  • unlimited dates & sessions
  • unlimited e-learning
  • unlimited messaging
  • ongoing updates

Secure infrastructure

  • Dedicated data storage
  • Own domain (DNS) + SSL
  • Own email addresses (MX)
  • Single sign-on support


  • Kreditkarten
  • Online Überweisung
  • PayPal
  • Kauf auf Rechnung

Content creators

  • Individual landing pages
  • Dashboards
  • Thematic worlds
  • Competency profiles
  • Blog

​SMS interface

  • Send messages via SMS
  • Login using SMS/one-time token
  • 2-factor authentication

Video streaming service

  • Video learning progress tracker
  • Device-optimized video streaming ala Netflix™

Live video & collaboration

  • Zoom™ Integration (Meetings & Webinars)
  • Webex™ Integration (Meetings & Training)
  • Teams™ (Azure Active Directory)

Learning Analytics

  • Automated learning progress monitoring
  • E-learning challenges & gamification
  • Learning Record Store

Sub-„White Label“

Publish your platform across additional domains with different “look & feels”.

“Multi-tenancy” marketplace

Start a marketplace with different providers (trainers, content providers, partners, etc.).

Unlimited number of users

You grow with your target group and pay based on the IT resources you actually use (not per MAU!).

Advanced DBMS

The data storage is also encrypted using AES-256 and backups are possible every minute/hour (standard: every 24 hours).

Native app (iOS/Android)

Publish your own app in the app stores (iOS/Android) including ongoing maintenance & updates.

Extended SLA

  • dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 24/7 support hours
  • Reserved development quota

Frequently asked Questions

Questions and answers about the platform foundation, learning organizations and what e-commerce can be good for.

I want to be flexible with regards to my number of users.

If you expect more than 250 already included active users per month (MAU = Monthly Active User, every user who has logged in at least once in the current month), these will be automatically recorded by the system. The costs per user are staggered as follows:

Number of
active users
Price per
active user per month
0 – 250included
251 – 500EUR 1,80
501 – 1.000EUR 1,60
> 1.001EUR 1,40


I'm planning a scalable marketplace with thousands of users per month.

If you expect large growth in user numbers (or are planning large conferences and events), we recommend taking advantage of the “ENTERPRISE” model (see “Unlimited Monthly Active Users (MAU)”). Billing is no longer based on active users (MAU = Monthly Active User, each user who has logged in at least once in the current month), but rather based on IT resources actually used.

I don't need any payment functions because the platform is only intended for employees.

If you want to use the solution exclusively for internal purposes in your organization (internal education management, corporate L&D), no payment options will be included in the setup. Modules relevant to e-commerce are no longer required, but can be retrofitted at any time.

My organization must meet the highest data protection guidelines.

Our solution is GDPR compliant and is primarily hosted in Germany (unless requested otherwise by the customer). All transactions are SSL/TLS encrypted. If necessary, the data storage is set up in encrypted form. The possibility of an “on-premise” database setup (on the customer side) is also granted. A comprehensive order processing agreement (AVV) is handed out before every setup.

Only your own employees should be allowed to register.

A platform setup can be completely protected from public access using a mandatory login mask. In such cases, we generally recommend a single sign-on connection (SAML, OAUTH) with your existing IT infrastructure (e.g. Microsoft™ Azure Active Directory) to ensure protection against external access.

I'm looking for a solution to build a "masterclass" video platform.

The look and feel of “Masterclass” (or “Masterplan”) can be almost completely recreated using the front end (UX/UI) provided and the central online module function, as well as state-of-the-art H.264/MPEG-4 AVC codecs. Depending on the learner’s end device (mobile vs. desktop), the platform automatically adjusts video formats in terms of resolution and compression in order to achieve the best possible streaming rates – depending on the internet connection.

I just need a solution for face-to-face events.

The platform is ideal for planning and handling on-site events, including the automation of all associated processes. It is always possible to provide accompanying documents (video recordings, presentations, participant lists, surveys, etc.) for presentation events in digital form.

I want to offer educational offerings via recurring payments (subscriptions).

The platform offers full support for recurring payments. At offer level, you can define the interval (monthly vs. annually) at which payments are collected and whether automatic subscription renewal should be activated. In the subscription, both individual offers (e.g. e-learning, video production training, course, event, training course) and a compilation of individual offers in a package can be provided.

I need the highest security standards for data storage.

Backups are stored for days by default and are updated daily. If you have higher requirements, we can meet them, e.g. multiple daily snapshots (backups) every minute/hour, longer storage times, fully encrypted database/DBMS/RDS (AES-256).

Do you have further questions?

Our team of experts is at your disposal.

Do you need support in your decision-making?

Disadvantages Open source solution

e.g. Moodle, Ilias, Canvas, …
  • no managed IT infrastructure / SLA (maintenance, continuity, recovery)
  • Usability outdated, UX/UI no longer up to date
  • Administration very cumbersome
  • poor GUI performance (no SPA/PWA frontends)
  • no ELM compatibility (Wallet, VC, ESCO, etc.)
  • missing interfaces (payment, media hosting/streaming, SMS, etc.)
  • difficult to find long-term developers

Disadvantages of SaaS solution

e.g. Eloomi, Docebo, Haufe Akademie, …
  • high ongoing license costs (user-based, MAU)
  • no access to raw data (databases, buckets, repositories, etc.)
  • severely limited customization options for the UX/UI
  • no individualization of functions/workflows
  • limited APIs or no API access
  • no dedicated IT infrastructures (GDPR-critical)
  • no open source connectivity (e.g. plugins)
  • Long-term dependencies, no individual development possible

Disadvantages Individual solution

  • very high setup/development costs
  • missing, proven features
  • Scalability critical, lack of IT infrastructure & (pen) testing
  • long lead time / time to market
  • Bug fixes, updates & further developments on your own are very time-consuming